Dating: 5 good tips that will save you wasting your time

Ok , now I confess: I think I’ve watched the movie He’s Just Not That Into You at least 50 times in the last month. I fell into the nostalgia ben stiff!

No, but admit that this film is a real little gem. Yes, it’s cheesy as hell – we’re going to give Caesar what’s his – but it’s filled with inspiring messages of empowerment and situations that are so real, although unfortunately it only includes heterosexual issues… Of course, the film also aged badly in some ways.

But the reason why I like this film so much is for all the little semi-philosophical/semi-slap in the face advice it evokes and which “wakes us up” a little. Although social media has really evolved since the film (2009), the relationship issues today are the same : lack of communication , fear of judgment, lack of confidence in oneself and in others, etc.

tips that will save you wasting your timeSo here are my top 5 key phrases from the movie , which you need to slip into your back pocket starting today.

1. A person who doesn’t care about you or gives you a modicum of affection doesn’t mean they’re interested.

Don’t mistake a person who is half invested for a person who really cares about you. Shade.

2. If someone wants to see you, they’ll act on it.

Self-investment doesn’t have to be forced. Too often we try to maintain a relationship that leads nowhere. It’s easy to impair our own judgment and let the emotional take over the rational. Thank u, next .

3. Your time is precious, don’t let anyone waste it.

We should not see people who are not interested in us as a personal attack. On the contrary, it is almost a gift. There is nothing better than knowing that we are investing our time in the right place, and with the right people.

4. One person who isn’t interested in you is nothing compared to all the people who are.

We often have our head in the sand when we fixate on the same person who is wronging us. We prevent ourselves from seeing all the beauty around. It is better to take time for yourself than to waste it with someone who does not consider you worthy. Bye, Felicia !

5. Be honest with yourself: stop finding reasons to cover up your self-destructive actions.

Facing the reality of a situation can seem scary. We try to find a cause for everything. Sometimes there is absolutely no reason. We must stop torturing ourselves for nothing!

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